​Prayer Meeting

for Regional Revival

Meeting at Fire for the Harvest Church, behind Applebee's on Washington Road. We will worship, pray, prophesy and share what God is doing in our region.

Come expecting God's Presence and impartation.

Join us the 2nd Saturday each month at 7 pm

• • • LOCATION 107 Shartom Dr (behind Applebees) Augusta, GA 30907. Sundays 10:30 am | Every 2nd Saturday at 7 PM come to the CSRA House of Worship – Join us in Praying for REVIVAL. IHOP Regional Apostolic Prayer with THE MOW BAND. Come and worship, intercede, pray, prophesy, share! (INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF PRAYER) • • ••

TO: Our supporters or those who want to support us!
The way 2020 started I was in-doubt our ministry would be able to complete our mission to give to those in need and especially to the ladies in prison! Because of Covid and the way the first six months started, our ministry was not able to “post n sell” like we normally would as we had to “Stay-in-Place for the months we would have yard sales or post online.... we came out on top as we persevered with posting items to sell once the “Stay-in-Place” orders lifted! Also, we had a couple of substantial donations of items that sold for several hundred dollars – yeah! Just to let you know, we take every donation to heart. 1st I look to see if I sold the donated item would I get enough money in order to buy what is needed to help the homeless with other needs such as deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shaving supplies, hat, gloves, scarves, blankets, etc. Or would I just give the item to the homeless out-right. Blankets, throws, and items mentioned above automatically go to the homeless or prison! Other items, if clothes and coats, I sell if I feel I could get the money needed for other supplies!
A huge thanks to those who donate money – as this gives us a chance to help those in prison who do not have family that can help! A donation of money along with what we sell of items donated, has helped so many this year and I could see the money being multiplied!
We helped several homeless people stay out of the cold; we were able to donate to a lady that lost her job during COVID! We sent a few packages to a guy in prison and are ministering to him even though our focus is women’s prisons. We sent lip gloss to 3 prisons – 3000 in all; along with composition notebooks, writing pens, deodorants, along with puzzles for prisons, hotel-motel items and boxes of men’s clothes and other items for homeless!
I would like to thank Fire for The Harvest Church for donating 400 socks and masks that we were able to distribute to the homeless along with another organization (small-in-nature) that put together packages to distribute right before Christmas! Fire Church also put together zip- lock-bags with different needed articles for the homeless!
This year will be no different – we still need monetary donations, donations of items to sell (particularly any items in great shape, including clothes and décor for the home)! I am trying to keep the items smaller as Ron and I are unable to pick-up-larger items to sell. BUT you can always ask as I have several outlets to get rid of good condition furniture, etc. Please keep the ministry in your prayers and in your heart when getting rid of STUFF (lol) – the dollars we make off of your STUFF adds up.

Blessings and thanks again!
If you would like to donate money, please see the PayPal instructions on this site, or click button here ~

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Fire for the Harvest Church Augusta


MEETING TIMES: Fire for the Harvest Church: 10:30 am
Fire for the Harvest Church meets at 107 Shartom Rd, Augusta, GA
(in the plaza behind Applebee's on Washington Road in the row of buildings ON THE LEFT SIDE)

 706-373-1735 | Augusta, GA

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EMAIL: Office@MuchMoreMinistries.com