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       JIM PAUL
  FEB 20th to 23rd
Sat 7pm Glory City
Sun 11am TBA
Sun   6pm Glory City
Mon & Tues 7pm
"Activating the Prophetic Realms"

Jim Paul co-pastors East
Gate Christian Fellowship. in Hamilton, Ontario with his wife Dianne. He is affiliated with the Partners in Harvest network. Jim has traveled as an itinerant prophet/evangelist since 1994 to over 20 countries as a conference speaker with TACF (Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship). He has written
Prophecy in Practice in 1998 published by Monarch, UK. Jim ministers on the themes of revival and healing all with a prophetic edge. Testimonies of complete healing of cancer, fibroid tumors, IBS, fibromyalgia, and MS. He is recognized internationally as a world-class prophet.

 Workshops Monday and Tuesday 7pm, Jim Paul  will teach and impart Activating the Prophetic Realms.

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